A day at Canaan Children's Home

Today was a hard day.
Not hard because it was physical or tiring. Hard because it was a day tha touches the heart, tugging at every heart string. There are over 100 children at the orphanage they call Canaan Children's Home. Their ages range from a little under 2 years of age to 18. Their stories are hard.
Esther was sold by her parents because they needed money. She is a teenager that has faced trials that most people do not encounter in a lifetime. Canaan faces financial hardships. To survive, their money must be spent on food, school uniforms and staff. There is no money for female monthly supplies. Esther said that today was one of the happiest days for her because we delivered suitcases full of sanitary napkins. Imagine being a 16 year old girl living in an orphanage and there is no money for monthly sanitary supplies. No money and no person to go to for help. Esther has had to endure the trials and pains of abandonment, rape, poverty, fear and sadness. She should not have to worry about monthly sanitary supplies. We should help out with that problem.
Robert is 6 years old. He was found over a year ago rummaging through garbage for food on the streets. His parents are dead and there is no person to care for him. He was taken to Canaan where they welcomed him with open arms. Robert now runs around the playground laughing and blowing bubbles. He loves to dance and will break out on request. Robert deserves to be a happy little boy. Canaan is making that possible.
Peter is always looking out for his two year old baby brother. He has learned at a very young age to parent his siblings. Peter is only 10 years old. Peter is too young to be responsible for two siblings. I do not know their story yet. I only know that they look out for each other because at very young ages, they have had to. This is not what God intended.
A few young men have been rescued from the LRA. Most of the girls at Canaan have been molested, abandoned and raped. Most of the boys have been abused. All of the children have been neglected. All of the children have been given a second chance. We must do what we have been called to do: to help orphans in their distress. HEAL will continue to partner with Canaan Children's Home. This is one orphanage that we will visit annually and assists in any way that we can.
It is easy to sponsor the little ones. What about the teenagers that have been rescued from sex trafficking? We must help them. We must help John and Samuel and Mary and Patience. They desire to be a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse and a teacher. They can be anything they desire through Christ and we have to be active in helping them reach their full potential.
I'm excited about the team here. They have shown the orphans a light. The light of Christ is revealed through them and the boys and girls that they have developed a relationship with have felt their brightness. They have been given a glimmer of hope. The team delivered suitcases full of children's vitamins, crocs shoes, and female sanitary pads. Mostly, they delivered hope.
Today was a hard day. Some days just have to end with a good cry. Today is ending with a cry out to God.