A colorful day in Honduras!

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Yesterday was one of those days that during our team meeting last night, we could not just name one "God moment" each. It was a fun, rewarding and colorful day. Honduras is full of color: the mountains, the people, the bright colors used in all the buildings, clothes, etc. And, so, it was only fitting that the day ended with the best part of Noah"s Ark........the rainbow.

The children loved the projects with the animals as puppets on the craft sticks, but it was the mosaic rainbow that they loved the most. It was so sweet watching all the children help each other with the sorting of the colors and siblings helping each other to get the craft done.......60 ish children packed in a small room, all joyful, all colorful.
One of our team members, Hannah, worked with a little boy that worked intently on his tiger puppet with various colors because he wanted his tiger to resemble the rainbow. It was sweet watching the relationship between team members and the children and Hannah"s patience was another moment that made me smile. The message was clear to the children in the school and to the children of the village and to the team: God"s promises are consistent and His colorful world created was meant for us to be in relationship with each other.