He is Present Here

When I first came to the James Place just over four years ago, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how quickly I would fall in love with Uganda. I didn't know how deeply I would love the staff, women, and children who immediately became my family. I didn't know that there would be some extremely hard days, filled with loss and heartbreak, and that most days would be extremely beautiful, filled with joy, laughter, and fellowship. I didn't know that I would fall into the swing of missionary life, pouring my heart into those who would come for short periods of time, only having to say see you later’s too soon. I didn't know that I would soon come to call Jinja my home.

Four years later, what I do know is that Jesus has been with me every step of the way, giving me the strength, energy, and endurance to fight the good fight. I know that He is present here and that He is working in powerful, mighty ways. I know that I love the people of HEAL Ministries with everything that I am. It breaks my heart having to leave them, to leave this place, to come to America. However, I know that for such a time as this, this is what my God is calling me to do. I know that this is what is best for everyone at HEAL Ministries, even if it means that my heart breaks a little bit in the process. I know that My God is strong; my God is mighty; and there is nothing that my God cannot do. 

- Betty Ross,  Administration Manager and Marketing Coordinator