God's Love All Around

Julian is the manager of the women’s programs at the James Place.  She is a valuable team member that we are blessed to have!  Below she shares a little bit about one of her days inside the gates where love abounds…  

Every morning, I begin my day at the James Place by praying for the day ahead. I then begin preparing for all the staff, women, and interns to arrive and enter through the gates. As the manager of the Artisan programs, I interact with over 60 women in the various departments including jewelry design, sewing, leather, and pottery programs. I love working with the lovely ladies in the artisan programs. They have encouraged me to work with them. I love listening to their conversations and hearing their needs. Whenever I get sick, they are always encouraging me and helping me get better. One day, I went to the doctor and it caused me to be late coming to work and one woman from the artisan department called and asked if I was ok. I was really touched by that call. I was also touched when the woman brought me something to eat each day that I was sick.

The James Place is a place where you go to see God’s love all around. And I love seeing the interns interacting with the ladies. Though the ladies don’t understand English very well, they get along and work together as they are making necklaces. It’s really such a joy teaching them how to make necklaces and spending time with them.

Some of my favorite memories take place during Bible Study on Fridays. During this time, the women from the artisan programs come together to worship, praise, pray, read the Bible, and ask each other questions. We are able to encourage each other as we read scripture and the Bible.

At the end of the day, when I pull the chair to sit at the gate and say goodbye, I love seeing our kids running down to me. One tells me that I’ve brought cassava for you. The others tell me that they want their mummy. There’s one who used to bring me flowers every morning and she tells her daddy that the flowers are for auntie. They all wave and say bye after a day at the James Place. It’s such a blessing to experience this from such young ones who love me. May God bless these sweet young ones. 

Julian Tumusiime - Manager of the Women's Programs