I am always amazed when someone says "why do you do what you
do - it is so difficult - you have had such difficult health issues - everyone would understand if you give it all up - perhaps God is showing you signs to quit - there are so many other ministries -, etc., etc., etc.,"
Life has
a funny way of teaching us lessons. God has a great way to show us His path. My answers in reflecting over the last couple years to people asking "why take the hard road" - is this: All I know is to be obedient. What God starts, He finishes. If we feel called to do something - we need to be obedient to follow until He directs us another way. God will only open the doors to His path if we are in His word and close the doors to what He wants closed if it is not His will.
EVERY single time that I pray for God's direction and to give me clarity - He does. He will do it for the person reading this and He does it for the orphans and widows. God has repeatedly allowed things in my own life that has given me purpose and passion for those that are hurting. He has written the story of my life along the way that has given me an understanding of the abandoned heart. I have lived the fears and sadness of a single mom. I have witnessed the disappointment and tears of a fatherless child. And I have lived the journey of death's threat knocking at my door. Through it all, God remains the same. Through it all, He is King and keeps His promises. And through it all, He is the only constant unconditional love that gives Hope. Because all men will disappoint us, we must cling to the one and only creator that loved us so much that He allowed His son to die for us - that is CRAZY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. If we knew a cure for cancer (and I pray for that constantly) we would shout it from the rooftops. We know the cure for those hurting and we should SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!
God protected our fall time. The fall trips were postponed and we start back serving in the field in January. God has opened the doors for H.E.A.L. Ministries to serve in several high school and colleges during the fall. The 2011 calendar is being planned and He is directing the path and providing the leadership. I am encouraged today as I think of the children and the women we have served. He has given me full vision that His plan will continue. God does not need me or any man to fulfill His plans to serve the orphans and widows which He defines as pure and faultless religion. Therefore, I am humbled that He is allowing me to tag along for the ride.
I am learning that this ride includes His timing. I am learning that I am not in control of the planning (although much planning is required). Sometimes the ride is fast and crazy and sometimes He directs us to slow down and rest in Him. We are looking forward to the 2011 year and until then, we can remember the smiles of those we have served and thank our Father for allowing us to see Jesus in the eyes of the abandoned hearts.