These two little girls are Abby and Ericka. They were orphans in El Salvador that our family tried to adopt. A special friend visited these girls and they soon grew in our hearts and we felt that the Lord was calling us to proceed with plans to adopt them. Over the course of a year, the paper work was completed and plans proceeded for us to adopt them and for this to be a case study to change the laws. Several laws were in place to prevent us from adopting them: we had to live in the country for an extended period of time, single moms could not adopt and many more obstacles were in place. When it was time for the birth mother to sign over rights which would allow us to adopt these sisters, the mother cried and said that she could not do it. She later agreed to join a program to change her life and get her girls back. While it was a painful experience, it was God's way of growing a HUGE passion in our hearts for orphans in lands all over the globe. It also softened my heart toward all abandoned women and made me see the pain through the mother's eyes. To my knowledge, Abby and Ericka are with their mother today. I will have the opportunity to visit their past orphanage this March. It has been three years since the journey began with them and visiting the orphanage that was their home for at least 2 years will allow me to have closure with this bitter-sweet story. I am thankful for being a part of their life in a small way and will forever pray for them and their mother.