These are pictures from the 08 Belize mission trip. The team is standing on the front steps of the preschool that we worked on for a week. We loved the Belizean construction workers and two goals were accomplished. The team made the goals of : being different and being changed spiritually. At the end of the week, the supervisor told me that our team was different and every team member was forever changed. We grew closer to each other, closer to God, and closer to realizing that we are all equal. God used this trip to break barriers and to tear down walls for all of us personally. God stripped away prejudice and judegemental opinions and made us see all people through the eyes of Jesus. The colorful fruits and vegetables were a small glimpse into the colorful hearts of the people that lived there. The school pictured above with the concrete workers gives a glimpse into the kind of work that we did. We had a couple of youth nights and Matt King and Tripp Weir are pictured above during praise and worship. Belize is a precious and beautiful place and I am thankful for the relationships that are building with the Unity Christian Church and the Belize Project founded by Mac Kelton.