Ukraine is a country that Heal Ministries visits a couple of times a year. The people are so beautiful and they have such a difficult past to comprehend. My first visit to Ukrain was overwhelming. It is very hard to grasp the conditions of their past. I became friends with a lady that walked me through the history museum and to hear from the words of the horrible past of communism coming from someone that can remember many of the events as a little girl was hard to take in. When communism fell, it left many families without anything. Because of this, many women were abandoned and left to figure things out on their own: men resorted to drugs and alcohol because they could not deal with the reality of their gray world. It also resulted in a nation of the homeless with thousands of street kids. Today, Ukraine is free and rebuilding. Heal Ministries will partner will MDI and Radooga Ministries to send orphans to summer camps because many orphanages close down in the summer. Often, the orphans do have anywhere to go. We will also be partnering with MDI to provide sanitary needs for the female orphans in an orphanage in Odessa. The project will be called Paper to Paper and we are asking everyone to give just one dollar: everyone working together and giving to make someone else's tomorrow better! Pray for the next generation to rise up with Hope from above in Ukraine. Our team went to assist with a summer English speaking camp. We had recreation, fun and games, morning praise and worship and skits, English classes, drama teams, and a night time Boom concert that was crazy! The last night was repentance night and we witnessed over 200 kids accepting Christ! It was a beautiful picture of redemption in the Ukraine! Our American Team was amazing: the ukrainians responded to their praise and worship and the language barriers were not a problem because the friendships created were forever in our hearts.