Today is a day that I have waited on since I first heard the word "cancer" in May.  I can honestly say that when I look back, it was the true sadness of how it would effect my family and how I would have to post pone and cancel many mission trips this year.  Missing out on serving God in the field was the hardest part to swallow for me.  

However, in God's perfect planning, He allowed this cancer to slow me down and even stop me long enough to reflect on Him and put all focus of His ministry back where it needed to be.  I am pleased that God loves me so much that He would yearn for my one on one time.  
I am in Belize City tonight and I am most happy that God has allowed me to serve Him, once again, in the field.  As I landed I was reminded of the reflection and changes that have taken place this year:  many changes with my health, with my home and family, with the Heal Ministries board, and all of it came full circle today as I was greeted by Earnest.  He is the pastor of Unity Church here in Belize City with his wife, Carolyn.  They were a sight for soar eyes!  Jesus shines through them and as I am sitting here I can't help but think praises to God for healing me, healing the people in His ministry and finishing the work that He started.  
I will be posting pictures tomorrow of the school and church and the children.  Truly, some of the happiest people that I have ever met are hanging out with me this week!  It is a joy to be back serving and planning teams for 2010.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers, support and encouragment that NEVER stopped during this season:  for such a time as this.  Heal Ministries will be changing one heart at a time, making a difference for God's kingdom, one focus, one heart at a time.  The impact is HUGE when we focus on Him.