Finishing the first week back in the field and finally figured out that my pictures were way too large to upload......actually fixed it after praying about it several times!!  This week was a great week to really see the heart of the Belize Unity Church and Preschool.  It is really amazing to see the love of Christ in the eyes.  I posted a few of my favorite pictures for everyone to see how beautiful the children are here.  The blue school posted is the school that our team came and helped with a year ago and it has been such a blessing to work in the classrooms this week:  to hear the laughter, hear the love of teaching from the teachers, hearing the many sweet voices saying, "teacher, I love you!".  The children call me "teacher" and they are so intentional about relationship.  I wanted to come here this week and really be a helper, however, as with most mission trips I have been surprised.  The surprise is not what God is doing but how much He is still teaching me through the ones He is so fond of.  How we respond to each person we encounter is a direct reflection of our priorities.  It is most evident that the priorities of Unity Church and School in Belize City is one of LOVE.

I will be visiting Corozal over the week-end and will be posting some pictures and updates about the village and then back at Unity a few days before I leave.    My prayer is that God will lead the volunteers needed for this area.  It is a joy and humble honor to be here!