Today was a great day in Corozal.  It is still raining alot here, but they have needed it.  The weather is beautiful and as you can tell from the pictures, the area and the people are even more beautiful here.  I have made great friends here with the Mendez family.  They are pictured in this blog:  Arturo is the pastor of the Presbyterian church here with his wife Esther and their children, Johan and Joammi.  They have embraced me and really shown me Jesus in the skin.  We are planning the Spring Break Mission trip that will be scheduled for the week of March 15th and then a women's conference that will be in both the village of Corozal as well as Belize City with the Betsons at Unity church.    

I loved church this morning.  Seeing Pastor Arturo smiling and singing praises was a joyful experience.  Hearing the songs of praise in a different language always makes me think of Heaven:  hearing the world praise God in all languages.  The church needs a new bus.  Heal Ministries will be giving them some money to fix the bus but it is time to figure out ways to help them raise the money for a new bus.  Pastor Arturo drives around the villages and picks up women and children to attend church on Sundays.  If he does not pick them up, they are not able to attend because they have no vehicles.  I am praying with them that God will give us the wisdom to come up with ways to get them a new bus.  The attendance in church is down quite a bit because the bus is in the garage.  I am so thankful that I am here at this time:  it has been rewarding for God to use me in this country to see the needs He is drawing me toward.  It is humbling to serve these Belizeans.  They are full of joy and laughter and most fun to be around!

The Presbyterian church is beautiful!  It blesses my heart to see it larger and painted and beautiful!  It has improved so much since I was here.  Seeing God's work in the same place over several years is not only rewarding but a simple reminder that what God starts, He finishes.