We left Corozal Town today and drove through the villages on the way back to Belize City.  First stop was Cristo Rey.  The Cristo Rey school, church, kids, and outdoor laundry thatch room pictures are posted.

We met with the principal and Helene Lacey, founder of the school and clinic in Patchakan village.  She is from Canada and has served as a missionary for 40 years!  To see the joy in her eyes as she spoke about Belize was an honor to witness.  The children here seem so happy.
It was sad to leave my friends in Corozal Town and Concepcion, yet very heartwarming to see God's love spread throughout the country.  It seems that every corner I turn, I see a glimpse of God's fingerprints all over this place.  He has placed many people here to serve and yet, there is so much more work to be done.  We made it to Belize City in time to visit Unity School and the orphanage.  Unfortunately,  the orphanage director was not there and we were not allowed to tour the facilities.  We did get to see some children and see how crowded it was.  The thick, heavy sadness that I felt leaving there was devastating.  Hundreds of orphans in two small buildings....all ages..........all situations..........all reminders of how we are all called to RUN to the aid of the orphans and widows.  I'm praying tonight that God will give me strength tomorrow to remain strong and ready to go to battle for the kingdom.