Looking back over the last few months' journey, I have to just laugh at the roller coaster ride. I laugh because God just keeps reminding me that He is in full control of my life, of Heal Ministries and of all things in creation. I am not in any control. Today, as I begin to finalize some plans for 2010 for mission trips, I am reminded to claim victory in Jesus and give everything to Him. As we post the final plans on the web site for 2010, please pray that you will Hear God's calling if He chooses to use you in this ministry. I am thankful that God is using me for His plan.....even thankful for the trials of cancer because I know that He will use this to glorify Him. For today, I claim this for my own life and for Heal Ministries:

"Store up comfort. This was the prophet Isaiah's message. The world is full of hurting and comfortless hearts. But before you will be competent for this lofty ministry, you must be trained. And your training is extremely costly, for to to make it complete, you too must endure the same afflictions that are wringing countless hearts of tears and blood. Consequently, your own life becomes the hospital ward where you are taught the divine art of comfort. You will be wounded so that in the binding up of your wounds by the Great Physician, you may learn how to render first aid to the wounded everywhere. Do you wonder why you are having to experience some great sorrow? Over the next ten years you will find many others afflicted in the same way. You will tell them how you suffered and were comforted. As the story unfolds, God will apply the anesthetic He once used on you to them. Then in the eager look followed by the gleam of hope that chases the shadow of despair from the soul, you will know why you were afflicted. And you will bless God for the discipline that filled your life with such a treasure of experience and helpfulness."

"God comforts us not to make us comfortable but to make us comforters." John Henry Jowett