God is showing up all over Monterrey: not only in the breathtaking views of His creation but in the smiles of the few people that are in a movement to spread the gospel...........much help is needed and YOU don't want to miss this opportunity to serve the One that is calling us there!

Monterrey is such a beautiful city. The population is between 5 and 6 million and they are all driving in the streets! We visited the flag site which is a beautiful place to see the city from all views. The views are absolutely breath-taking. It is so amazing to think about our great Creator, the original artist. How can anyone see creation in all its beauty and doubt there is a God? I see God everywhere here. I see Him in the mountains, the flags, the people, the bright shiny sky during the day, the beautiful orange sunsets, the orphans, the developing churches and even the busy streets!

Less than 1% of the people that live here are Prostestant. There is a HUGE need for church development. There are areas that serve thousands of people with no Christian church. MTW is doing a great job in assisting with this project. I visited several churches that have been planted under the umbrello of this project and I have been quite impressed. Impressed with the organization, the churches, the training, the members and the pastors. Today, I heard a sermon on Abraham and it is by far the BEST sermon on Abraham that I have ever heard. The pastor is very young and very much on fire for Christ and desiring to spread the gospel in his home land. There is a HUGE need for teams to come here and to assists with these church plants. They have needs to help with church building, renovations, VBS, sports ministries, womens and mens ministries, youth ministries, music, and much, much more!
Tomorrow I will visit the director of the orphanage for a planning session for Heal Ministries.......only two days left and sad I am leaving so soon. For the orphan that will not be adopted, we can offer Hope. We can tell them of God's love and guide them in the future and revisit them year after year. We can become their family and see that their future is bright. We have the opportunity to enlarge the Kingdom. We have the privaledge of serving God and looking after the ones that cannot defend themselves, the ones that He instructed us to look after. It all starts with James 1:27......pure religion............orphans and widows............
There is a need for us all to get proactive and do our part. Each of our parts look different from each other........some are called to adopt, some are called to pray, some are called to donate to help the cause, some are called to go on a mission trip and serve, BUT....one thing for sure....we are ALL CALLED! I'm thankful that God has confirmed my calling and humbled that I can be of any use to Him.