The last few days in Belize has been so much more than we expected. I could not write a script to express all that God has done. And, I didn't have to. God is so evident in every detail, every smile and each team member. Saturday was a great day of showing the team all around the village and the city. In the afternoon, we cleaned the house that is being prepared as a shelter for women. We swept and mopped the old wooden floors 3 times so that we can paint the floors in a few days. Sunday, we enjoyed the church in Corozal with our friends, the Mendez family. Our team members taught the children in Sunday School some songs and shared it during worship. The beauty of being in a different country and worshiping together is that each team member gets to experience a small glimpse of heaven: everyone singing in his own language and all prejudice thoughts disappear. They disappear, not because of who we are or what we do but because we have a God that teaches us to see and hear everyone through a different lens. A much better lens. The lens of the Heavenly Father.

After lunch in the Mendez home (pastor's family) on Sunday, we were able to do my VERY favorite thing to do on mission trips. We walked around the village of Patchakon where our 3 day VBS was going to be. The most rewarding walks that I have ever taken have been in these humble communities. Walking around handing out flyers to the children in the village announcing the VBS serves several purposes. First, it gets the information out to the children. Second, the team gets to see how the children live and third, the families are so appreciative that the time is taken to visit them. They learn that we truly want to be relational. We had a mute man come to us earlier that day and ask us to please help. Through his gestures, we thought he was asking us to help him with someone that had been delivered to the clinic because Susie Butler, the doctor, was with us. We rushed back to the clinic. There was nobody there. We rushed back to the village to try and find the man's house. We could not find him. While passing out the flyers to the children, we walked upon his house where he stood at the front door smiling and clapping because we had visited him. He showed us all the members of his family and it dawned on us that he just wanted company. We saw God show up in that moment and we were so thankful that God led us back to his house.
One of the greatest things about taking pictures is that while looking through the lens and capturing moments of team members handing out flyers, the photographer sees the expressions, the smiles and the eyes of those all around. It's through the camera lens that I have learned to see through God's lens; not always, but sometimes. And when it happens it is priceless. Sunday there were several God moments. Thankfully, I'm able to post of few of those moments revealed through the lens of the camera.