A special thanks to the 2010 Belize mission team: to the Butlers and the Mendez families, and to each person that brought something different to the team. We are thankful to God for all our goals being met. He, being the gracious Father, showed up in a HUGE way. We laughed, we prayed, we cried, we grew spiritually and formed relationships with the communities and with each other; and we were present for a journey that God intended. Thanks for answering His call and planting seed (Marci, Merrell, Shelby, Gabrielle, Alice, Betsy, Ashton, Mary Morgan, Dean, Trey, Charles)!
As we flew into Nashville we saw a rainbow in the sky through the clouds. It was a sweet reminder of the theme that we had in VBS in Patchakon and a reminder to me that God is faithful and continues to reveal His symbol to us all & that there is hope, complete healing in Christ spiritually, emotionally and physically and that God keeps His promises!