We were so thankful to arrive after months of preparation and 20 hours of flight that we didn't even care that our luggage did not arrive with us. It did arrive by the time we woke up. South Africa is beautiful. Not only the land and the Indian Ocean surrounded by mountains, but the people here are beautiful on the inside and the outside.

The first day (after adjusting to 8 hours advance in time) we had a prayer walk to start our day for the town ship of Khayelitshi. It is an area of town that only fills about 4x6 square miles but has a population of one million people.
As we walked and prayed for the area, we also prayed for the area set aside for the children's church and as we walked children followed and sang with us. Even though there is a language barrier, there is no barrier between sisters and brothers in Christ.
VBS was awesome! We had about 100 children show up the first day. The second day we had about 200 children! In the morning we leveled the sand for the children's church so that concrete could be poured and made the frames for the walls. Children all around helped us out including the parents and it was a beautiful glimpse of Heaven: all nations working together.
We had a Noah's Ark theme for VBS. Of course, I had to stress the importance of the rainbow. The children were so responsive and excited about the crafts, games and bubbles! As a team, we have reached most of our goals in a short time. God is like that. We have bonded with each other. We have fallen in love with the people of Cape Town and Khayelitshi. We have seen Jesus in the eyes of every child, in the hands of the children reaching for bubbles and in the ears of everyone singing.
We are so thankful to be serving in South Africa and so appreciative of the kindness and hospitality that African Leadership has shown to us. Be patient family, our internet is slowwwwwwwwww and hard to communicate. We will post more pictures as soon as we can! We have lots of God moments to share!