We have had 3 days of VBS. The community of Khayelitshi call it Sunday School. Each day we have grown closer to Christ. Not because of anything we are doing.....but because we see Jesus in the joy of those we are serving. One lady came up to me as the team had over 200 kids creating crafts (a paper plate noah's ark) and could barely talk English. She just said "this makes me happy." There are many single moms here. They know the pain of abandonment. This mom saw joy in watching her child create something that had eternal meaning while laughing and building relationships with us.

We are not just Americans to this small community now. We are their friends. We have fallen in love with God's people and as we all pray together it is a glimpse of Heaven. It is a South African tradition to pray outloud. What a joyous noise it must be to God to hear all the languages of His people pray and what a joyful reminder to our team that we are all family.
We have had VBS each day, and worked on projects each day. One of the projects we were supposed to start was to assists African Leadership with a creche and paint........but it was torn down while we were in flight. We have helped level sand to pour concrete and helped with frames to re-start the building and it is in the location where we are having the VBS. We also were able to paint Noah's Ark in the preschool nearby and it was a great bonding experience for our team.
The best experience has been the relationships that we have all made with each other and with the families that live here. As we have told the stories of Noah's Ark, created crafts and even painted an ark, we are all reminded of the beautiful ending. The rainbow. Even the children hear will yell out when we ask them the point of the story: God's promises NEVER change!