Our last day in Uganda was very rewarding. We visited Katie Davis's feeding program on Saturday and had the priviledge and opportunity to help serve over 300 kids. We also assisted in the Amazima feeding program by helping to sort beans, rice and flour that the children take home to their families. This program is remarkable and it is quite impressive how patient the children are, how well run the program is and how Katie had the insight to have the Ugandan people run the program.
One of the sweetest moments of the last two days was being entertained by the children. First, Katie's 14 girls (that's right, I said 14!) sang and danced for us in their home and then we were entertained by the children at Canaan Children's Home for the last night's program. A song the children sang said "Reach our your hands and help our wounded hearts" and it was all we could do to listen. These children in this wonderful village near Jinja have had a hard life. They have had lives with trials that most of us will never encounter. And yet, the joy of their hearts reveal that the only hope is truly in Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the ambassadors of Christ that we have met here. All the leaders of the Amani Baby Cottage, Canaan Children's Home and Katie Davis. They are truly Jesus in the skin to a broken village that is being restored and redeemed before our very eyes.