Today the team had a day where we came away asking: How in the world can anyone see God's beautiful creation and doubt there is an amazing creator of all things? Even in the after effects of a volcano hundreds of years later, we see a beautiful Creator. It is easy to see God in the BIG things but it is not always easy to see God in the little things. Gary took us to see where La Casa started in Old Elsavador and to see a volcano. It was a beautiful experience and breathtaking - literally taking our breath away as we climbed the volcano to look down. Then we saw the most amazing tree God has ever created!

We then took a small group of the girls from La Casa Orphanage on a field trip to McDonalds to play and have ice cream. The team members live in a culture where children experience McDonalds as a weekly event. We didn't actually know that this small group of girls had never been to McDonalds to play and have ice cream until we were leaving and I asked. It was another small example of how we take so many things for granted.
At McDonalds, God showed up in the small things in El Salvador. Connor was sitting at a table with Carleta. She was showing him her animal bracelets that we handed out and she was enjoying the one on one time with him. Carleta just lost her dad last week. All the sudden this little thing seemed so HUGE because we serve such an awesome HUGE God that knew exactly what Carleta was going to need this week.
Tripp was sitting alone and just watching the girls play. Two of the girls were Abby and Ericka. As they ran and screamed loudly throughout the jungle gym, God showed up for Tripp at McDonalds to say that all is perfect in His plan for His children. Gabrielle was holding the hands of several girls. Ashlee and Shelby were running and screaming with the girls and playing. God showed up at McDonalds for the girls at La Casa. He loves us so much and we often forget to see Him in the little things.
All the girls were doing their homework at La Casa and when Abby finished she waited for Ericka to finish. She was looking after her little sister. Ericka was taking a little longer to do homework. Ericka finished and had some more reading to do and Abby quickly gathered Ericka's things and put them away for her so that she could go to McDonalds with us on a field trip. God shows up daily for the children at La Casa in the little things and He showed me in this sweet moment that His plans are better than ours and sometimes when we serve He is more evident in the small things if we open our hearts and eyes to His viewpoint.